Mobile Dynamo no longer sells the software illustrated on this site. This site remains as a testament to the early years (2001) of mobile development and products that captured the hearts of mobile users and enthusiast world wide. The products noted below were developed by Mobile Dynamo and sold through online application stores like Handango, Pocket Gear,  and Esellerate to name a few. Some of the products won global user nominated awards and maintianed 4-star (highest) ratings for several years.

  • Speed Reader Plus - eBook reader
  • Inbox Speed Reader - eMail reader
  • Barbecue Buddy - advanced cooking (grilling) assistant
  • Backlight Override - utility application

These products have been discontinued primarily due to the changing mobile marketplace and introduction of new devices.

The links to the left provide more details on the products, awards and overall history of the Mobile Dynamo product line.