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BarBQ Buddy
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BarBQ Buddy has a lot to offer the novice and expert griller. Turn your grill into a precision cooking machine. Cook your food better than expensive restaurants. Tackle those large BarBQ parties with ease. Get detailed information for every item on the grill with a single tap. Each item has its own doneness indicator and the initials of the person the item is for. BarBQ Buddy takes the hassle out of grilling and gives you time to enjoy the party!

Key Features:

bulletPrecision Time Based Cooking - cook food the way you like it, every time.
bulletSingle Question Survey - teaches BarBQ Buddy how you like your food cooked and how your grill cooks your food. It allows BarBQ Buddy to quickly adjust an items cooking time to achieve the exact doneness.
bulletVisual Food Placement - keep track of where everyone's food is located on the grill.
bulletCook Order Alarm - tells you when to start cooking each item so all your food finishes cooking at the same time.
bulletNotification Alarms - tells you when your grill is preheated, when items are done, when to flip the food, what and when to add next, and when the grill has finished cleaning.
bulletSuggested Start Time - tells you when you should start cooking based on the items you will be cooking and your desired serving time.
bulletRemaining Cooking Time - gives you the remaining cooking time for individual items and all items together.
bulletItem Database - saves detailed information for each item including cooking time, spices, seasonings and cooking notes.
bulletConsumer History - remembers what items each person likes and how they liked their items cooked.
bulletBuddy Messages - let BarBQ Buddy guide you with its interactive help system.

BarBQ Buddy Price
Registered Version 19.95
Trial Version Free


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