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+ 5 STAR Review by PocketPC Addict  +

Note: The "Library Utility" has been improved since this review.

Personal accelerated reading tool.

Speed Reader Plus allows you to read ~1000 words per minute using RSVP and ColorBar technologies.

U.S. Military Research Findings:

The average person reads 150 words per minute. In an effort to improve reading speed for combat personnel, the U.S. military funded research to study the biomechanics of reading. Their findings revealed that most of our time reading is wasted as our eyes move from left to right, collecting each word. To improve reading performance, the researchers developed a stationary reading system that rapidly displayed words in a fixed location. They found this new reading method significantly increased reading speed and reading comprehension. Reading speeds of over 1000 words per minute were achieved. The inventors received a U.S. Patent for this technology they call "Rapid Serial Visualization Presentation (RSVP)".

ColorBar Technology (patent pending):

This software uses RSVP technology allowing you to read faster from your PocketPC. To enhance your reading experience, Speed Reader Plus also uses its own ColorBar technology. The ColorBar will gradually change color as each word in the sentence is displayed, giving you a sense of the word's location in the sentence. At high reading speeds, the ColorBar will appear to pulse as you acquire the thought of each sentence. Using the ColorBar will make your reading experience more fluid and comfortable.

Xerox Research Findings:

Xerox developed a reading machine designed like a racing car that uses RSVP and it confirmed the speed and comprehension advantages of this technology. Click here to see it.

Other Key Features:


Quickly read eBooks, news articles, long emails, and documents from Pocket Internet Explorer and Pocket Word.


"Flash Review" important documents that you have already read, before you go to important meetings or take school tests.


Easily send documents from your PC to your PocketPC, using the library utility on your PC.


Save space/memory on your PocketPC.  Speed Reader Plus library files are often a fraction of the size of other file formats (i.e. 2/3 smaller) making it possible to store more eBooks and other large documents on your PocketPC and storage cards.


Easily select various fonts and colors (over 1 million).


Preview the document without losing your reading position.


Automatic bookmarks allow you to start reading from the last location the next time you open the document.


Search the entire document for specific chapters and text.


Easily move forward and backward sentence by sentence.

Designed for easy use with many features. Try it today :)


Speed Reader Plus


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If you have trouble installing the software come back try the appropriate download shown below or email us at

Installation Support Downloads:

If your computer requires the latest version of Windows Installer click the appropriate link below.

Windows Installer 2.0 for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000

Windows Installer 2.0 for Windows 95, 98, and Me

If your Pocket PC requires the .NET Compact Framework click the link below.

.NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP1 Redistributable

Support Advisory: Many customers have experienced problems using the Library Utility. This is due to a to the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1. To correct this problem and problems that you may experience with other programs we recommend that you uninstall ActiveSync 3.7.1, reboot your computer and install the previous version of ActiveSync 3.7.0 from Microsoft at the link below.

Click here to download ActiveSync 3.7.0



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