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Inbox Speed Reader - Smartphone Edition - Now Available...



Personal Accelerated Reading Software

Inbox Speed Reader allows you to read your inbox items (eMail, SMS) on your Smartphone at amazing speeds using RSVP and ColorBar (patent pending) technologies (~500 WPM for new text and ~1000 WPM when flash reviewing text). A perfect solution for reading long messages on small screens. Inbox Speed Reader is ideal for its productivity value.

U.S. Military Research Findings

The average person reads 150 words per minute. In an effort to improve reading speed for combat personnel, the U.S. military funded research to study the biomechanics of reading. Their findings revealed that most of our time reading is wasted as our eyes move from left to right, collecting each word. To improve reading performance, the researchers developed a stationary reading system that rapidly displayed words in a fixed location. They found this new reading method significantly increased reading speed and reading comprehension. Reading speeds of over 1000 words per minute were achieved. The inventors received a U.S. Patent for this technology they call "Rapid Serial Visualization Presentation (RSVP)".

ColorBar Technology (patent pending)

This software uses RSVP technology allowing you to read faster from your PocketPC. To enhance your reading experience, Inbox Speed Reader  also uses its own ColorBar technology. The ColorBar will gradually change color as each word in the sentence is displayed, giving you a sense of the word's location in the sentence. At high reading speeds, the ColorBar will appear to pulse as you acquire the thought of each sentence. Using the ColorBar will make your reading experience more fluid and comfortable.

Xerox Research Findings

Xerox developed a reading machine designed like a racing car that uses RSVP and it confirmed the speed and comprehension advantages of this technology. Click here to see it.

Other Key Features:


Quickly read Inbox messages on your Smartphone


Sort message by Sender, Read, Unread and Date & Time


Mark messages with attachments for download


Display/hide message date and time quickly by moving the action button left or right


"Flash Review" important messages that you have already read, before important meetings or tests


Search an entire message for specific text


Easily move forward and backward sentence by sentence


Eliminates the need to manually scroll through long text. Thereby, alleviating the sore thumb syndrome know as “gamers’ thumb

Designed for ease of use with many features.

Customer Comments:

From: PStephens  To: MobileDynamo   Re: Inbox Speed Reader

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy this killer App. I love this thing. I have been wanting to be a speed reader for years as I have so much to read, and now thanks to you guys I am one! This program works like a dream, and is worth every penny spent. Easy to use. Easy to understand. Thank you again.

Inbox Speed Reader


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